in The Beginning – The Sounds of My Teenage Life

We all have pivotal points in our lives. Moments in time were the path taken changes everything. For me, several of those moments happened the year I turned 16. But before we talk about those events let me tell you something about my musical life before 16.

the-Monkees-the-monkees-30313746-1280-899Music was not something encouraged in my parents home. My mother and sister played accordion once upon a time, but I never recall hearing them play. I just remember seeing the accordion cases collecting dust in the garage. My parents were (and still are) hard working German immigrates, who spent most of their time working and keeping us busy working as well. I tried learning guitar during 6th grade summer school, but I was never able to get me fingers to make the right chords, so I gave up after the 6 weeks of summer school were over. My sister, who is ten years older than I, was a Monkees and Bowie fan. On david-bowie-NSU1_o_tnthose rare afternoons that I did not have to go to work with my parents I would listen to my sisters Monkees and Bowie albums. Musically they remain two of my biggest influences. This was my preteen musical exposure.