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hoolumz_89In the early 1990’s, Throughout the region of Southern California known as the Inland Empire the name “The Hoodlumz” stood alone in a sea of alternative music groups. The Hoodlumz formed in 1989 as a garage punk rock band. Though they quickly evolved to what they called “hoodlum rock”, a natural progression from their punk rock roots.

The Hoodlumz had taken the fun and energy of circa 1980 Los Angeles punk rock and mixed in the strength of hard rock percussion and the splendor of progressive guitar work. The group is also known for their gang vocal strength and poetic song writing.

As live performers the Hoodlumz showed they understood that the audience is there to be entertained, They always lived up to their pledge to give the people what they what, A great show.


The band longest line-up consisted of Curt Wylde – Bass/Lead vocal , Juan Whyte – Drums, Chris Hernandez – Guitar, and Fred Wright – Rhythm Guitar/vocal.

The Hoodlumz released a 7″ EP titled “Skin of the Soul” on Delirium Records. The recordings show some of the versatility of the group, from the punk sound of Cruel World to the metal edge of Mother of Pain to the more Pop rock sound of Out Alive.

Shortly after recording and “Skin Of The Soul” EP. The band parted ways.

The members of the Hoodlumz remain friends. Whenever they run into each other a smile crosses their faces, even before a work is spoken. It’s like a hidden secret, an inside joke that only a Hoodlum would get.

In late 2003 Chris, Curt and Juan got back together to record “Borderline” for Immaculate Deception” a tribute to Madonna.

Derby-hoodlumz-fred derby-hoodlumz471345_390347421009911_478796104_opink-motel-hoodlumz
In December of 2008 Juan Whyte, Chris Hernandez, Fred Wright and Curt Wylde returned to the stage to play their songs for the first time in over 15 years. Since the reunion, the Hoodlumz have continued to perform and recorded their “Too Old To Die Young” ep.

Skin Of The Soul

Too Old To Die Young

Immaculate Deception – A Tribute To The Music Of Madonna

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