Statica is a power-pop trio from the shores of Santa Monica. Revved up guitars and well-beaten drums drive home hooks that should be living on the jukebox in Stacy’s mom’s house. Brian Wilson, are you out there?

Enjoy blasts of distorted catchy tunes that are influenced by all the best Beatles imitators. Why not add hooks to those cool guitar sounds? And why do all those catchy songs sound so lame? Hey, there’s peanut butter in my chocolate! Wait a minute…mmm… Singer-guitarist Martin Blasick has been writing songs for movies for some time. Lindsey Lohan sang one in Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen. OK, maybe it wasn’t Citizen Kane, but it was fun. But, all that movie stuff can’t take the place of strapping on a sparkly gold guitar and cranking it up!!! Mark Prudeaux plays bass and sings harmony. remark: Incomplete sentence Kevin Darish pounds the drums and sings harmony. It’s like a jacked up Beach Boys. California living at its finest. Statica plays all the worst stages in the scariest parts of town.

Below you will find the Statica video for “Didn’t Learn A Thing”.

The video was directed by W. Scott Prestwood and starring Natasha Blasick.


Even Better Than The Real Thing – A Tribute To U2
Immaculate Deception – A Tribute To The Music Of Madonna
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit Neil – A Tribute To Neil Diamond

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