v0851996 was a big year for Velvet. By April they had their first CD in the market, the self-titled interactive CD plus was released by Motion City Interactive.

The sound of “Velvet” showed the wide variety of styles that the band meshed into their own smooth alternative sound. During the first few months of the CD’s release over 80 radio stations started adding songs off Velvet to their regular rotation. The video for Shangra-lava Lamp was premiered on 21 Local and National Video shows. They were featured in articles in such magazines as Billboard, Cashbox, Hollywood Reporter and USA Today among others. The band began playing regularly at The Whiskey, The House Of Blues, The Roxy and many other prominent LA Clubs. The Band also toured nationally and was invited to join several 1996 summer festivals.

v044In 1997, Martin, who had been producing several other artists, decided to leave the band to pursue his career as a producer. The other three members wished Martin the best and naturally decided to continue as a three piece. Velvet started writing new material for their follow-up CD. This new formula actually added a surprising different more energetic dimension to the Velvet sound. Another twist in the rubics cube that is Velvet. To test this new mixture Velvet performed for VH-1 at the Bite festival with the Barenaked Ladies and did a short west coast tour. The Velvet boys have also recorded a six-song E.P. Clear Lake Audio in Hollywood, CA. Clear Lake is where No Doubt recorded “Tragic Kingdom”.

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