The Relatives – Dirty Little Secret


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1. Overblown (D. LeBlanc/C.Cyga/J.Arthur) Battage Music / Sick Mind Music BMI

2. She Says OK (D. LeBlanc) Battage Music BMI

3. Is It Wrong (C.Cyga/J.Arthur) Sick Mind Music BMI

4. Unglued* (D. LeBlanc) Battage Music BMI

5. Train (J.Arthur) Sick Mind Music BMI

6. Dirty Little Secret (D. LeBlanc/C.Cyga/J.Arthur) Battage Music / Sick Mind Music BMI

7. So Uncool (D. LeBlanc) Battage Music BMI

8. Cause You Pain (C.Cyga/J.Arthur) Sick Mind Music BMI

9. All Out Of Love (D. LeBlanc) Battage Music BMI

10. American Girl* (T.Petty) Almo Music Corp. ASCAP

11. Pretender To The Throne (D. LeBlanc) Battage Music BMI

12. Crash and Burn (D. LeBlanc/J.Arthur/C.Cyga) Battage Music / Sick Mind Music BMI


Dennis LeBlanc – Guitar & Vocal
Chris Cyga – Drums
Jason Arthur – Bass & Vocal

Produced by Curt Sautter
Engineered by Tony Vizcarra

Recordsed at Tru One Studios
*Recorded at Cell Block
Mixed at Cell Block
Mastered by Martin Blasick
Mastered at Motion City Records

The Relatives wish to thank first and foremost our families, for all your support and inderstanding. A very special thanks to Curt Sautter and Nance Olsen for all you hard work, effort and support, We really appreciate everything you do. Thanks also to Tony Vizcarra, Martin Blasick, Larry Files, Nicole Martinez, Statica, John Surge and Pinwheel, Paul and Craig of American Girlfriend, Dean and Perry at the Glass House, Chris Cruz and Doom Kounty Electric Chair, Brett Miller and Admiral Krunch, everyone at Independents Anonymous, our friends as Hobbs/Herder, Dann Jones, Dawoud, Nangy and Fahima Ghafashad and everyone at Walker’s in Claremont, CA, The best food and drinks arond and to anyone we forgot to mention, this special last “thank you” goes to you.

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