The Globe

globe2Wipe the sweat from your brow and Count your chips!! Take a gamble and place your bet on that most cosmic band, The Globe. They are a touch of Vegas from Orange County, California.

The Globe were a high-rolling quartet: three loose dudes and a chic chick. They slam their cards on the table with samplers, thrashing guitars, drum machines, fat basses, and, when the stakes are really high, they up the ante with drummers and horn players. Live, The Globe has been described as “an exploding musical piûata with all the glamour and cheese of a Las Vegas strip show.” With flamboyant outfits and pockets full of catchy tunes, The Globe showers their audiences with light-flashing energy, beginning with glimmering hula-hoops and ending with exploding piûatas.

globe3The Globe has been together for nearly five years and is made-up of lifelong friends. “I think the real reason the music comes off as so fun, is that we’ve known each other all our lives and have such a great rapport,” says Choda, bass player.

Formerly a Power-Pop trio (Boogie, Choda, and Adrianna Krikl), The Globe has recently joined forces with guitarist-songwriter Jon Klages. Klages has performed, written and recorded with members of such legendary underground bands as Television, 20/20 and The Dream Syndicate. Jon’s addition has launched the band into the super pop stratosphere. Jon sums up his global alliance as “100% fun.”

The Globe picked their name to represent the multitude of subjects they write about. Just about everything on the world’s surface influences The Globe. “A globe is a representation of the earth and that’s what we attempt to capture,” said programmer-guitarist Adrianna Krikl.

In the winter of 1995, Curt Sautter, owner-producer of independent label Delirium records, met up with The Globe and offered to record the band — after seeing just one stellar performance. “They were just so alive and different from anything I’d ever seen,” said Sautter. “It was musical Pulp Fiction.”

The resulting four-song, blue-vinyl single entitled, Hi-Fidelity Garage Pop, shattered all expectations when it sold out of its first run and started receiving heavy airplay on both college and FM radio stations.

Ryan Kovacs, station manager from Michigan’s WAXP-FM, wrote, “The Globe rules, best stuff I have heard in a while.” The single stayed on WAXP’s Top 20 for three solid months, peaking at number three and toppling big name bands such as Elastica, Garbage, and Alanis Morisette.

The Globe started 1996 with a bang, creating their own music video. From the recording of the music in their garage to the final editing of the video, The Globe completed every aspect of the production themselves. In fact, the camera had to be mounted for many of the scenes because The Globe could not afford to bring in a camera operator! The Globe’s handmade video Boo Bop was immediately picked up by several popular music-video shows including Are-Oh-Vee, Notes From The Underground, Divide & Conquer and Profusion Video. “The Globe is definitely the most entertaining bunch of freaks to come out of Orange County,” said Profusion Video’s host, Scott Northrop. Mean Street magazine had this to say about Boo Bop: “It’s all-American good-mood party music.”

Concentrating on new material in 1996, The Globe toured in Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles, playing in such high-profile venues such as The Galaxy Concert Theater and The Coach House.

“Sometimes you get to thinking the world is all f*****-up. Then you go out and play live, really work and sweat, meet some good people, and have a good time; you realize the world’s not all that bad,” said lead vocalist Boogie while clutching his metallic silver hula-hoop.

In ’97, The Globe began recorded songs for a full length CD. But by April 1997 the band called it quits.

Hi-Fidelity Garage Pop

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